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THE DOUBLE BURDEN (56 minutes)


What is it like to grow up in a family where mothers have always worked outside the home? The Double Burden vividly portrays the lives of three families–one Mexican-American, one Polish-American, and one African-American–each with three generations of women who worked outside the home while also raising families. The film instills tremendous respect for the accomplishments of women and for women of different races, social classes and life-styles. Buy the DVD

YIDL IN THE MIDDLE (56 minutes)


Yidl in the Middle looks at growing up “different” in America. In this evocative, entertaining film, filmmaker Marlene Booth probes her Iowa-Jewish roots. Through home movies, period photos, her high school reunion, and current interviews, she examines the complicated process of negotiating identity — as an American, a Jew, and a woman. A compelling film, sure to provoke discussion. More info.



Raananah is an intimate look at one remarkable community and its independent people as they gracefully age. Fifty years ago, a group of idealistic Jewish immigrants formed a summer refuge, Raananah. Through home movies, we see the founders as young people and hear of their lives and dreams. Today we meet these same people at Raananah as they reflect on their lives, their children, and aging together with dignity. More info.

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  4 Responses to “More Films”

  1. Hello,
    Can I preview or know more about the films: The Double Burden and Yidl in the Middle?

  2. I am interested in purchasing this DVD. Could you let me know how much it is for an individual and an institution (DePaul university) to purchase?
    Thank you.

  3. I’ve shown Double Burden almost every year in my family class in the section on family and work. We do have the 1980s version in our library. I would like to see this new version. Please send a price list for the films.
    Paula Aymer

  4. I would like to preview “Yidl in the Middle” for purchase by my university library. Could you provide me with a link or at least a trailer.

    Corrine Bertram, Ph.D.
    Shippensburg University

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